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Vuria is proud to announce a new merger with Vincit, an award-winning design and software development firm leading the way in innovative online user experiences.

As Vuria is adopted into this worldwide firm, we’ll maintain the strong local insights and reach that we’ve established in our 20 years of service, and eagerly explore the added capabilities and reach that this new working dynamic will bring.



Since inception, Vincit has experienced year-over-year growth of 50–70% by prioritizing human experience, client happiness, and cutting-edge innovation. Vincit’s client portfolio includes both major worldwide brands and local boutique businesses, developing tools, apps, and branding playbooks that help companies lead the market and improve user experience in a digital world.

When deciding to expand into the Phoenix market, Vincit wanted to work with a company that matched their own level of quality and UX-driven development. This led them to approach Vuria with a proposal that would benefit both teams, as well as our clients.

What Does This Mean

For You?

  • The same local team that you know and love, with expanded capacity and resources.
  • The same UX-driven custom design and development that sets Vuria (and Vincit!) apart.
  • A continued dedication to creativity and development, directed and inspired by you.
  • Improved market research and targeted user experience that helps you get the right message to the right customer.
  • New software development and integration capabilities which expand our portfolio and enable you to work with the team you trust on even more diverse projects.
  • Robust enterprise-level platforms for e-commerce that offer worldwide reach and scalability for our valued clients.

Our goal is simple: keep everything that you love about Vuria, and simply add new capabilities through our relationship with Vincit.

Some Important


Will there be changes to my contract terms?

All current contracts will be seamlessly transitioned and upheld without any action required of our clients. If you would like to modify your contract in order to explore the new possibilities of our expanded services, feel free to reach out and learn more.

When does the change officially take place? Will there be disruptions to my service?

This change will take place immediately and all internal technicalities are already underway. However, you don’t need to worry about any disruptions. Both Vincit and Vuria are committed to a smooth transition and an uninterrupted dedication to customer service.

Will some of my current services be taken away or changed?

Absolutely not. We will continue as usual with all current services and contracts, which are our first priority. The only difference is that now we have additional expertise and capabilities to take on larger-scale projects with added complexity.

Will my account manager or the team that I work with change?

The Vuria team is still here! Although every company experiences fluctuations, Vincit is dedicated to nurturing, retaining, and supporting the current Phoenix team. You’ll still be able to get in touch with your regular project managers, sales team, or marketing team contacts.

Does this mean that you can help me with my new project?

We hope so! Our service offerings and work capacity will expand with this new development. Projects that we previously had to turn away as Vuria can be fully embraced with the resources offered by the Vincit team. Contact us if you have more questions.

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Our relationship with you is our top priority. While we don’t anticipate any disruption to our services, we understand that you may have questions. We want to hear you out.

From all of us here at Vuria, we want to express our gratitude for your ongoing support and cooperation. This new development has reinvigorated our dedication to client relationships and creative, groundbreaking work in online design and development.

We are excited to see what the coming days will bring for us as a company, and for all of our clients as we continue to partner with you in creating stunning online experiences that grow your business.

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